Commonwealth Connect

Commonwealth Connect is equipping Massachusetts with the tools we need to efficiently report and respond to non-emergency issues. By uniting residents and local governments, Commonwealth Connect has helped identify and repair damaged public infrastructure, neighborhood blight, and storm damage across the state.

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80,000 issues submitted.
72,000 completed.

In 2015, the average response time was 2.8 days to acknowledge an issue and most of the issues were closed out within 16 days.

Improved Communication,
Increased Engagement

Massachusetts residents have submitted 25,000 issues through the Commonwealth Connect mobile application.
By communicating with their local governments, they have increased government efficiency and improved the safety and quality of life in their neighborhoods and communities.

Participating Cities

Commonwealth Connect represents partnering cities from across the state of Massachusetts dedicated to providing more efficient services to their citizens and improving the quality of life in their communities.
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